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Rayman Ultimate :: World's
RaymanRayman UltimateRayman
Level in Rayman's World ::
In the different worlds of the game described here, you will meet the "bosses" several times: but don't assume that you will be able to get rid of them so quickly, they could reappear a little later and maybe have calmed down... and transformed into a real friend!
Rayman has to proceed through the jungle without ever falling into the marsh-water. He will come across hunters and greenish explorers... This is where he will meet Tarayzan, his first friend, whom he will help to get dressed! The big boss is Moskito, the dreadful giant mosquito.
In a scene of clouds and sheet music, Rayman proceeds among music instruments (drums, maracas, cymbals...) and battles against wrong notes. After having escaped from the trumpets, he will find himself face to face with the deafening Mister Sax...
Rayman has to move forward, avoiding rock avalanches and stone creatures. In these mountains, Rayman meets his musician friend whose guitar he helps to recover. The big boss to defeat is Mister Stone, a creature made of rock.
This is the world of images, and also the world of mirages: passing across the stage of a small theatre, Rayman can find on his path beings straight from a pirate or a science fiction film. In particular, he meets Mama, an impressive shrew armed with a bizarre rolling pin...
This is a troubling underground world to which we access through Rayman's friend Joe the extraterrestrial's cheerful snack bar. First of all, Rayman has to plug in Joe's shop sign avoiding the spiders, then he will work his way around the stalactites to the den of Skops the Scorpion.
You enter the world of desserts where Mister Dark is hidden, guarded by clowns carrying out amazing stunts... Be careful, Mister Dark is diabolical...
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